Cyan Stats vs Google Analytics

What makes Cyan Stats as an excellent alternative to Google Analytics?

What is Google Analytics?

It is a free web analytics tool that provides insights into website traffic and visitor behavior. A paid version is also available with additional features and benefits.

What is Cyan Stats?

It is an independent product that does not sell or trade-off your data. Simple and easy to use, it is a privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics, offering the essential analytics features without the noise.

Many website owners use Google Analytics because they think it is the only option available.

However, there are many other alternatives to Google Analytics that are better in many ways. One such alternative is Cyan Stats.

Here's why you should use Cyan Stats over Google Analytics 👇

Cyan Stats Dashboard
Cyan Stats Google Analytics
Analytics Dashboard Easy to use and intuitive to understand.
There is no need for training or prior knowledge.
Overkill for most website owners. It is extremely powerful, but complex to understand.
Data ownership Your data is 100% yours. It sounds like a cliche, but your remain in complete control of your website traffic data. You may not own 100% of your data when the tool you use is run by the largest tech conglomerate in the world.
Privacy of your website visitors Sure Cyan Stats purpose is to track the traffic on your website, but it does it without collecting personal or identifiable information about your visitors. Your visitors privacy is sacrificed for the sake of data collection. Google Analytics is known to track users across the web.
Compliancy with privacy regulations
By using Cyan Stats, you are not using cookies and you are not tracking any personal. Your visitors can enjoy your site without any annoyances and distractions. Given GA collects personal information, you must disclose to your visitors that you are using GA to track them on your website.
Avoiding ad-blockers Cyan Stats does not belong to the adtech industry, it does not track personal data, and don't profile your visitors. It is rarely blocked. Google Analytics script is blocked by people who use ad-blockers (e.g. uBlock Origin), this must get up to 60% of your website audience.

Right, but Google Analytics is free.
Why should I pay for Cyan Stats?

Google Analytics is free because their business model is to collect and process a massive amount of data. They use that data to target highly-segmented advertises to you and your visitors.

Cyan Stats, on the other hand, is an independent product that does not collect, process, sell or trade-off your and your visitors' data. The product is funded by its users, and it is built to serve them.

Ready to enjoy Analytics again?